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How To Cat Proof Your Balcony

May 1, 2022 12:00 am Published by

Having a cat as a pet can be a wonderful experience. While you can have a lot of great memories and experiences with your cat, their adventurous and inquisitive nature can cause some challenges and potential hazards. One challenge you can have is if you have a balcony, which could create a falling risk. If you do have a balcony, it is important that you make it safe for your cat and other pets to use. There are various tips to follow that can help you to build a cat proof balcony. Create a Screen For those wondering how to cat proof... View Article

How to Cat Proof Your Home

October 25, 2019 11:16 pm Published by

When it’s time to bring home the newest member of your household, you also want to make sure your house is ready for your new cat. Cat proofing your home will help remove dangers, allow your cat to adjust to their new environment and reduce the risk that they’ll ruin your furniture or belongings. Here are a few easy approaches to cat proofing in Alexandria, VA: Get rid of small items: Things like loose hair ties, twist ties, doll shoes and other small, easily-batted objects are all things a cat could choke on or swallow. Tape down your electrical cords:... View Article

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