How to Cat Proof Your Home

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When it’s time to bring home the newest member of your household, you also want to make sure your house is ready for your new cat. Cat proofing your home will help remove dangers, allow your cat to adjust to their new environment and reduce the risk that they’ll ruin your furniture or belongings.

Here are a few easy approaches to cat proofing in Alexandria, VA:

  • Get rid of small items: Things like loose hair ties, twist ties, doll shoes and other small, easily-batted objects are all things a cat could choke on or swallow.
  • Tape down your electrical cords: Cats and kittens will chew on electrical cords, which is extremely dangerous. Tape down any loose cords so that your cat won’t be attracted to them, and keep an eye out to make sure that the cat isn’t trying to pry the tape up.
  • Cut or tie up blind cords: Cats (especially kittens) can get caught up in blind cords, which are a strangling risk. Any strangling hazard should be removed.
  • Keep away from candles: The saying “curiosity killed the cat” exists for a reason—cats love to investigate any and everything in their environment, especially if it’s as tempting as a dancing flame. You don’t want the cat to knock over the candle or singe their whiskers.
  • Avoid poisonous plants: Lilies, cyclamen and palms can cause serious health issues for your cat. Research which of your plants may be harmful, and either remove them from the home or keep them in an area the cat can’t access.
  • Keep trash covered and cupboards closed: Cats will get into anything you leave out, so make sure they can’t hurt themselves (or your home) with medication, potentially broken glass, dental floss and other hazards.
  • Lock up dangerous chemicals: Your garage and bathroom are full of toxic chemicals that could hurt your cat. Be sure to keep them safe by ensuring they’re in a locked cabinet or cupboard.
  • Keep the toilet seat down: Unless you want to deal with a cat soaked in toilet water, keeping the seat down will keep your kitty out of trouble.
  • Use a cat tree: Cats love to scratch, so having a climbable cat tree with scratching posts will help take their attention away from your furniture. Plus, your cat will be glad to know which furniture is “theirs.”
  • Lock your windows: Like reality television for felines, cats love to sit on windowsills and look out at the world outside. Make sure your windows are firmly shut and secured so the cat can’t escape.

For more information about cat care and cat proofing your home in Alexandria, VA, reach out to the team at Kingstown Cat Clinic today.

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