Cat Dental Care in Alexandria, VA

Your cat may not show its tiny teeth all too often, but they’re nonetheless an important part of health and wellness. Don’t put yourself through the agony of trying to brush their teeth—instead, let Kingstowne Cat Clinic provide your pet with a full line of cat dental care in Alexandria City, Fairfax County, Arlington and surrounding areas. Our cat dentists will make sure they’ve got pearly whites that are healthy and strong.

Cat Dental Care
Cat Dentist

Complete Feline Dental

While some vets provide tooth extractions or basic dental x-rays, these are a far cry from the complete services your cat’s teeth deserve. We take a full-service approach to being your cat dentist in Alexandria, VA, with a wide breadth of capabilities aimed at promoting good dental health at every stage of your pet’s life.

  • Dental x-rays: We take full-mouth dental x-rays each and every time you bring them in for a dental appointment. This allows us to track their oral health over time and pinpoint areas of developing concern.
  • Scale tartar: Tartar buildups can weak your cat’s teeth and make it hard for them to chew or groom. We scale tartar to improve the long-term health of your cat’s teeth, to prevent tooth decay or chipped fangs.
  • Polishing teeth: For cats with teeth that have been neglected or that have advanced tartar buildup, we provide polishing. This gives your cat’s a fresh start on oral health and helps owners develop good habits for cat dental care.
  • Assessments: What’s the state of your cat’s teeth? We’ll take a peek and let you know! Our assessments help determine which teeth are healthy versus which ones may need to be treated or extracted.
  • Extraction: For teeth with advanced rot or damage, extraction is often the best course of action. We’ll remove these teeth and make sure there’s no infection to worry about.

Get Your Furry Companion Proper Dental Care in Alexandria, VA

Don’t overlook your cat’s teeth when it comes to primary care. Kingstowne Cat Clinic can assist you in making sure they get the very best in oral health care. Reach our cat dentists at 703-922-8228 to schedule an appointment for cat dental care, euthanasia, and more.

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