How to Wash an Adult Cat for the First Time

January 18, 2022 9:59 pm Published by

Cats are born with the ability to bathe themselves; however, some circumstances require owners to wash their cats, such as when they have fleas or get covered in a toxic, sticky substance. There might come a day when a pet parent must wash their cat for the first time. When that day comes, help the process go a lot smoother with this guide for cat washing. Gather supplies, and fill the tub The first step in any guide for cat washing is to gather all your supplies. You will need special cat shampoo, towels, treats, toys, a hair dryer and... View Article

Reasons Why Your Feline Friend Needs a Cat Tree

January 4, 2022 9:59 pm Published by

New cat owners make sure they purchase all the essentials: food, bowls, bedding, toys and a collar. Plenty of other cat products dominate the market, making it hard to decipher what’s necessary and what’s a luxury. This leads many pet parents to ask, “Do cats need a cat tree?” They sure do! If you’re on the fence about these carpet towers, the following benefits of a cat tree for your cat will sway you to purchase one. Cat trees provide high perches Cat trees are tall structures that provide platforms at various levels. While these are fun to explore, cats... View Article

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