Why Cat Litter Matters

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Cat litter is extremely important for cats to have access to. It provides many benefits for cats and helps them to release their bodily functions in a comfortable environment. You might be wondering what cat litter to use. There is a variety of cat litter on the market today and knowing which one to purchase is also important. Continue reading to find out more about cat litter, its importance, and choosing the best one for your cat.

Benefits of Cat Litter

Wards Off Smells

One of the first benefits of using cat litter is that it does a good job of covering smells. Scooping your cat litter box daily is also important because your cat will likely not use it if it is full of feces and urine. Furthermore, your cat will probably not want to use its litter box if it has too much fragrance. Experiment until you have found the right stability.

Allows Cats To Hide Their Waste

Cat litter allows cats to hide their waste, giving them a sense of security when keeping their tracks concealed. This is something many cats in the wild do.

Litter Provides the Right Consistency

Many cats pay attention to the feel of the litter. If it is off, they are likely to avoid it. Avoid purchasing cat litter that is scratchy or pitted since it will not feel good for your cat. Prior to taking care of their business, they dig a little bit. This enables the cat to savor a good surface to feel comfortable.

Keeps Dust to a Minimum

Depending on the cat litter you choose, dust may or may not be a problem. For example, clay litter dust is probably not a great option for a person or cat who suffers from asthma. Dusty cat litter can worsen asthma symptoms. Even if your cat doesn’t have any respiratory issues, using clay litter can cause them. Instead, use a more acceptable litter for these reasons.


If you want to make your cat comfortable and increase alleviation, consider using a cat litter that doesn’t have a strong smell, is free of dust, and is subtle.

The best cat litter is one that is made out of biodegradable materials. This type of cat litter is more environmentally friendly and safe, especially if your cat ingests the litter. Biodegradable litter comes from ingredients, including grains, newspapers, sawdust shavings, wood chips, and wheat. These ingredients can also combat smelly cat litter since it is good for soaking up different scents.  

Reasons Cats Avoid Litter Boxes

If your cat does not want to use the litter that you put in the litter box, it could be due to a variety of reasons, such as:

  • Not having enough litter in the box
  • Suffering from stress
  • Being sick
  • Not located in a spot where he or she feels comfortable
  • Not being able to enter the litter box

Always make sure that you check these things to ensure that your cat can have positive associations with their litter box.

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