How To Safely Give Your Cat a Bath

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Cats use their tongues to clean themselves because they’re super obsessive about cleanliness. However, times will come when you will need to give your cat a regular bath in the tub. These are some cat bath tips for when you have to clean your kitty in the future:

Ease Your Cat Into It

If this is your initial time bathing your cat, you’ll need to ease her into it. The most gentle way to do it is to introduce your pet to the idea of taking a bath. You can try lowering her into a tub with no water in it first and then putting a little bit of water in it the next few times. Your kitty will catch on quickly and be ready for the bath in no time.

Play With Your Kitty To Distract It

Another way you can relax your cat for the bath is to play with him. You can rub or tickle his back or take five minutes to engage in a little yarn ball swatting or rubber duckie squeezing game.

Lather Your Cat Completely

Once you get your cat in the tub, you’ll need to ensure that you lather her from head to toe and let the special soap penetrate her coat to get it clean. Wet her a little bit before you put the soap on, and then add it and put it on there thoroughly.

When you feel like you’ve lathered your kitty completely, you can do the rinsing process. It’s imperative that you remove all the residue from your kitten’s coat so that she doesn’t have an allergic reaction or irritation later.

Be Gentle With Your Cat’s Ears

Washing your cat’s ears is one of the most essential processes if you truly want to know how to wash a cat. You’ll need to clean your cat’s face and ears, but you must be gentle when doing so. It’s best practice to use a soft washcloth to clean the face and the outside of the ears.

You might feel compelled to use a q-tip or something similar to go inside your cat’s ears, but you should avoid doing so. Cat’s ears are very sensitive, and you could do much more harm than good by putting someone inside the ears.

Wrap It Up

The last little tip for bathing your cat the right way is to remove him using a large towel and then use that towel to dry him off slowly. Some people recommend using a small blowdryer to dry the cat.

However, using such equipment can cause a heap of problems, and one of those problems is that you can make your kitty cat a little nervous. Opt to dry your cat with a towel instead so that you can interact with him and show him some affection after giving him a fabulous bath.

The bathing sessions with your cat should go smoothly if you implement the above strategies. Reach out to a trusted veterinarian or pet care organization if you have any additional questions or concerns.

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