Reasons Why Your Feline Friend Needs a Cat Tree

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New cat owners make sure they purchase all the essentials: food, bowls, bedding, toys and a collar. Plenty of other cat products dominate the market, making it hard to decipher what’s necessary and what’s a luxury. This leads many pet parents to ask, “Do cats need a cat tree?”

They sure do! If you’re on the fence about these carpet towers, the following benefits of a cat tree for your cat will sway you to purchase one.

Cat trees provide high perches

Cat trees are tall structures that provide platforms at various levels. While these are fun to explore, cats especially love to spend time in the tree’s highest perch. Your feline friend is drawn to high vantage points because it makes them feel safe. High places keep kitties far off the ground where other predators (AKA your dog) are waiting to attack. A tree’s top platform is the perfect spot to curl up and take a cat nap.

Another reason cats need a cat tree is because they seek high points from which to monitor their territory. Cats are very territorial beings, and the top perch of a cat tree gives them a good view of everything that lies below. They can keep an eye on their possessions and prepare to defend them when another pet enters the room.

Cat trees help your kitty stay fit

One of the main benefits of a cat tree is they provide a fun, enriching way to exercise. Your kitty will have a blast exploring the tunnels, ladders and caverns. Jumping up and down the platforms will develop their leg muscles and keep their weight under control.

In addition to encouraging physical activity, cats need a cat tree because they satisfy your feline’s natural hunting instincts. Cat trees provide multiple hiding spots and portholes to peer through. This mimics the act of stalking their prey in the wilderness. Many cat trees have built-in, dangly toys so that your kitty has something to chase.

Cat trees save your furniture

Cat trees don’t just serve your kitty’s interests. The key benefit of a cat tree for pet parents is that their kitties will leave furniture alone. Cats possess a natural instinct to scratch, and they’ll satisfy it by whatever means necessary. Kitties scratch to maintain their claw length and mark their territory. Unfortunately, your couch makes the perfect scratching post!

Lucky for you, a cat tree will pull your kitty’s attention away from the furniture. Cat trees have tall posts that are covered in alluring materials like carpet, sisal and rope. Various tree designs offer vertical, horizontal and diagonal scratching surfaces to suit every cat’s tastes. If you want to preserve valuable pieces of furniture, then a cat tree would be a good investment.

Cat trees are just one of many ways to enrich your kitty’s life. Visit our blog to discover additional tips about how to take care of your cat. We provide expert advice on grooming, diets, exercise, health and more. The vets at Kingstowne Cat Clinic are here for you!

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