Why Regular Wellness Care for Cats Is Important

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Cats are stoic little fuzzballs, which is why you might not realize that yours needs regular wellness care. If you’re not already taking your pet to a cat clinic in Alexandria, VA, you might miss out on catching health issues early. Whether they hate the cat carrier, hate the vet or you’re just not aware that anything is wrong, they still need to go in for regular checkups. Cats age faster than we do, and before you know it, your once-energetic kitten will be of feline retirement age. Keeping them happy and comfortable is a lot easier when you keep tabs on their health.

Caring for your kitten

Kittens are adorable and amusing, so you can be forgiven if your biggest concern is getting their latest antics on camera. Remember, though, that regular veterinary care should start early. In fact, taking them to the vet regularly when they’re young will help them deal with it throughout the course of your life. You might even get a cat who enjoys traveling in the car.

If you’re new to the cat-owning business, a great way to prepare for your kitten’s first visit is to call the vet ahead of time. Most cat clinics in Alexandria, VA are more than happy to answer your questions and tell you what to expect, what to bring and how to keep your cat calm (or at least how to try).

Your kitten will be examined for their general health, vaccinated if they’re the appropriate age and tested for various illnesses, like feline immunodeficiency virus. Your vet can also answer questions about how best to care for your new household addition, including how to avoid local pests and diseases. If they’re too young for their shots, you can schedule a follow-up appointment at this time.

Caring for your adult or senior cat

Of course, cat care should continue throughout their lives, even if they seem perfectly healthy. Your older cat needs a wellness exam at least once per year, and more often if they have chronic health conditions.

At these appointments, your vet will examine them from ears to tail. If your cat needs a dietary adjustment, you can get advice on how to control their weight. Your vet will also check for common feline illnesses, with fecal or urine testing, deworming, additional vaccines and other treatments as necessary. Part of the appointment might even include simply playing with your cat—observing them in action can help your vet spot anything that seems “off.”

Preparing for visits

When you get ready to visit your favorite cat veterinarian in Alexandria, VA, consider bringing in a list of any behaviors you’re concerned about. Since cats instinctively hide their illnesses, any detail can help your vet properly diagnose their issues.

Remember, prevention is the key to long-term wellness—and it’s a lot kinder on your pocketbook. Don’t neglect your cat’s health just because they seem like they’re fine. Reach out to Kingstowne Cat Clinic today to schedule your pet’s next appointment.

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