Is Cat Dental Care Necessary?

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You do everything you can to keep your cat in perfect health. One area you can’t forget is their mouth! Cat dental care in Alexandria, VA is essential in preventing gingivitis and periodontal disease that can affect the overall wellbeing of your feline. This post will cover everything you need to know about proper cat dental care.

What does cat dental care entail?

Feline dental care goes beyond simply bringing your cat to the vet for a check-up. Here are a few of the items all cat owners need to be aware of:

  • Good nutrition: Proper dental health starts with your cat’s diet. If your cat is eating the food recommended by their vet, you can be sure that their teeth will be on the healthier side of things. Keep in mind that your cat’s dietary needs change as they age, so always follow the vet’s recommendation.
  • Regular cleaning routine: Ideally, all cat owners would brush their cats’ teeth each evening. Brushing is the best way you can keep your cat’s mouth clean from the comfort of your own home. If that’s not an option, talk to the vet about other products designed to clean a cat’s teeth.
  • Watching for signs of problems: Your cat obviously can’t tell you when their teeth are hurting—you’ll need to watch out for signs of dental problems. Things like bad breath or difficulty chewing are indications that something’s amiss and your cat needs to see the vet ASAP.
  • Annual exams: Last but certainly not least, bring your cat to the vet at least once a year. In addition to checking their dental health, the vet will ensure your cat is as healthy as possible. Visiting the vet more frequently may be in order as your cat gets older.

How can our staff help?

One of our specialties at Kingstowne Cat Clinic is cat dental care in Alexandria, VA. Here are the services we provide:

  • X-rays: Your vet can spot some dental issues by simply opening your cat’s mouth; other issues, however, lie hidden below the gumline. By taking X-rays, we’re able to identify hidden dental issues and keep track of your cat’s oral health over time.
  • Scale tartar: Tartar buildup weakens your cat’s teeth, making it hard for them to chew and groom themselves. We can remove all of that tartar to promote good oral and overall health for your cat.
  • Polish teeth: Having your cat’s teeth polished provides a fresh start for their oral health. Polishing can benefit all cats, but it’s particularly helpful for those with extreme tartar buildup.
  • Extraction: Sometimes a cat’s teeth are beyond repair. These rotten teeth can cause serious infections, so it’s best to remove them altogether. We provide safe extraction services that’ll help keep your cat healthy (even if they are missing a tooth).

For the best cat dental care in Alexandria, VA, be sure to come to Kingstowne Cat Clinic. Whether your feline friend needs a quick cleaning, an X-ray or something else, our staff has you covered. Call us to book your cat’s appointment today!

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