What Is Preventative Care in Cats?

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Many pet owners consider their animals as more than just companions. For many of us, pets are a part of the family. And as all cat owners know, cats are one of the most independent-minded family members one can have. But despite their independence, they still depend on us to keep them healthy (whether they know it or not). As we would do for any member of the family, we do our best to make sure they’re always feeling well and in top health.

Part of taking care of a cat is making sure to keep on top of scheduling wellness exams in Alexandria, VA. It can sometimes be tough to tell if there’s something wrong with a cat, and though there may be signs that something isn’t quite right, you never know for sure unless you bring them in for a wellness exam.

The thing is, there can be health issues with your cat even if there are no signs that anything is wrong. That’s why it’s important to schedule an annual exam every year in Alexandria, VA.  Kingstowne Cat Clinic focuses specifically on feline wellness and is a great place to take your feline family member for annual exams and wellness exams.

Preventative care in cats

Wellness exams and annual exams are an important part of preventative care in cats in Alexandria, VA. The difference between the two is timing: Annual exams should be performed once a year regardless of your cat’s age, while wellness exams are more of a checkup for older cats and should be performed every six months for cats over eight years old.

During an exam, the veterinarian will check the physical wellbeing of the cat, as well as vaccination status, nutrition, behavior and more. In addition to scheduling regular wellness exams, here are some things you can do on a regular basis to help your cat stay in good health:

  • Hygiene: It’s important to brush your cat’s hair on a regular basis, especially for longhaired cats, to limit furballs and knots.
  • Cancer detection: Nobody wants to even think about the dreaded “C word,” but sometimes it is a reality of life. Early detection is one of the best defenses against cancer in cats, and there are signs you can check for. Lumps or odd growths are one potential sign, and there are behavioral signs that can indicate something’s not right as well. If you notice something odd between regularly scheduled annual or wellness exams, bring it up to your vet right away.
  • Dentistry: Cats generally won’t let us know if they are experiencing oral pain, so it’s up to the owners to regularly check their teeth and gums for signs of gum disease, tooth loss, gingivitis, mouth sores or other dental ailments.

Whether your pet needs their annual exam or a wellness exam, or you just need some more information about preventative care in cats in Alexandria, VA, call Kingstowne Cat Clinic today. We are a full-service cat clinic that can handle all of your cat care needs.

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