Why Cats Love Christmas Trees

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The holiday season has finally arrived, and families have started decorating their homes for the yuletide festivities. This is much easier said than done in homes without cats, though. We regularly get questions about cats and Christmas trees in Alexandria, VA, so here’s what you need to be thinking about if you’re planning to enjoy both your cat and your Christmas tree this holiday season.

Why your cat obsesses over the Christmas tree

Christmas and cats in Alexandria, VA can be a lethal combination when you skip taking certain precautions. Cats are curious creatures drawn to anything new in their territory. When they see a big tree lit up with sparkling things dangling from it, your cat thinks you brought a new toy home for them to play with and explore.

In the wild, cats use trees as vertical territory to survey their surroundings. Many outdoor cats also utilize tree bark as a scratching surface. Even spayed or neutered cats can’t deny their instincts, which leads them to make your Christmas tree their own. We can’t overstate how crucial it is to cat-proof your Christmas tree in Alexandria, VA.

Are Christmas trees toxic for cats?

At our top-rated cat clinic, many clients ask about poisonous Christmas trees in Alexandria, VA. While live trees such as firs, spruces or pines make lovely holiday décor, they do present a danger to your pets. These trees aren’t poisonous, but their oils may irritate your cat’s mouth and lead to vomiting or excessive drooling. Additionally, the tree’s needles aren’t easily digested and could cause a variety of gastrointestinal issues. Even though fake trees are oil-free, their plastic needles can also cause vomiting and other digestive problems.

Many families include other plants in their holiday decorations, such as poinsettias, holly, ivy and mistletoe. Unlike Christmas trees, these plants can be extremely toxic should your cat ingest them. Ideally, households with cats would avoid including these plants in their decorations to ensure their pets remain healthy throughout the holiday season. Opt for artificial versions of these yuletide plants to keep your cats safe.

To cat-proof your Christmas tree in Alexandria, VA, take the following steps:

  • Barricade the tree with playpens or baby gates to prevent your pet from climbing or chewing on it.
  • Anchor your tree with a solid base or stand.
  • Consider fastening your tree to small eye bolts in the wall or ceiling using clear fishing line.
  • Go with unbreakable ornaments instead of glass or ceramic ones just in case your feline gets their paws on them. Broken ornaments can quickly become lodged in a cat’s paw, mouth or digestive tract.
  • Keep lights and electrical cords out of their reach to prevent cats from electrocuting or burning themselves.
  • Homes with live trees need to ensure the fertilized or treated water they’re using isn’t accessible to cats.
  • Tinsel and ribbon both present numerous dangers to your cat’s wellbeing. Avoid keeping these items out in a place where cats can easily get to them.

Enjoying Christmas with cats in Alexandria, VA can be quite the challenge. If your beloved feline companion still finds a way to cause trouble and inadvertently gets hurt, get your pet to a vet clinic as soon as possible.

If you want to get your cat a great holiday present, give them the gift of ongoing good health. Schedule a checkup appointment at Kingstowne Cat Clinic today!

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