The Benefits of Choosing to Spay or Neuter Your Cat

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As an exclusively cat-oriented veterinarian clinic, we always recommend that people spay or neuter their pets. However, many don’t know about the benefits of spay or neuter in Alexandria, VA. Read on to find out why it’s so important to bring your cat to us for a spay or neuter surgery.

Five health benefits of feline neutering and spaying

For three decades, we’ve been spaying and neutering cats. Often, we find that intact felines demonstrate undesired behavior and endure life-threatening circumstances. These are the cats that require ongoing care, behavioral therapy and, unfortunately, rehoming. Having your pet spayed or neutered keeps them safe while also keeping you sane. Here’s how:

  • Stop unwanted pregnancies and associated health issues: In many communities just like ours, cat overpopulation is a real problem that leaves thousands of animals homeless, hungry and without the care they need to thrive. A cat spay in Alexandria, VA ends a female feline’s heat cycle, which occurs every three weeks throughout most of the year. Neutering your feline eliminates the threat of testicular cancer, and a spay surgery lowers your cat’s risk of ovarian and uterine cancers.
  • Minimize aggressive behavior: A cat neuter in Alexandria, VA reduces a feline’s desire to mark their territories and act hostilely toward those who enter their designated spaces. If you have two or more unneutered male cats in your home that fight endlessly, schedule an appointment at our clinic to have them fixed as soon as possible. It will make a significant difference in your household.
  • Less mess: Unneutered cats are full of hormones that make them act aggressively and territorially. A common behavior we see in unneutered house cats is elimination issues, meaning your feline pees outside of the litter box. This is their way of marking your home. When you get a cat neuter in Alexandria, VA, this unwanted behavior stops and your house no longer smells like urine.
  • Limit the spread of disease: When cats remain intact, the abundance of hormones in their systems causes them to mate and fight. These instincts, unfortunately, lead to the spread of diseases such as feline leukemia (FLV) and feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV). These diseases are passed from cat to cat via saliva (for FLV) and severe bite wounds (for FIV). By spaying or neutering your cat, they will no longer be inclined to reproduce or protect their territory. That means they’re less likely to contract these diseases and thus spread them to other cats.
  • Perform other necessary tasks: When you bring your cat into our clinic for a spay or neuter surgery, we can take the opportunity to handle other essential tasks to keep your pet healthy and happy. This may include microchipping your cat, cleaning their teeth and examining them to determine their overall health and wellness.

If you have an intact cat at home, consider coming to Kingstowne Cat Clinic for cat neuter or spay surgery in Alexandria, VA. We have decades of experience performing these necessary surgeries on cats of all ages and breeds. Trust our staff to keep your pet healthy before, during and after surgery. Contact us now to book an appointment with our feline veterinarian.

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