When Should My Cat Get a Dental Cleaning?

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A cat’s oral health deserves as much attention as that of their humans. Unfortunately, dental disease is prevalent among adult cats because owners don’t realize their furry friends need a toothbrush, too. Chances are it’s time to call your vet in Alexandria, VA for a feline dental cleaning. In the meantime, keep an eye out for these common signs your cat needs dental work.

A tooth has mysteriously disappeared

Take a look inside your kitty’s mouth to see if all their teeth are visible. If the cat has gone years without a feline dental cleaning, you may notice a gap along the gum line where a tooth used to be. When a tooth becomes infected, your cat will experience what’s called tooth resorption. This is the process of breaking down the tooth and absorbing it back into the jaw bone.

Tooth resorption is the body’s defense against the spread of oral disease. It’s a long, painful process that can be avoided with proper dental hygiene. Call your vet’s office in Alexandria, VA if you suspect your feline friend might be suffering from tooth resorption. Surgically removing the infected tooth is the quickest way to eliminate pain and restore your cat’s oral health.

Tartar buildup, red gums and bad breath

Other signs your cat needs a dental cleaning include heavy tartar buildup and a red, inflamed gum line. Next time you cuddle with your cat, gently pull back their lips and inspect where the gums make contact with the teeth. Poor at-home dental care allows plaque to harden into yellow or brown tartar that requires a professional to remove. Tartar left untreated can sneak under the gum line and lead to periodontal disease.

Just like humans, our fuzzy little companions experience swollen gums with poor dental hygiene. This symptom is hard to detect because cats are experts at concealing their pain. But upon closer inspection, red gums are cause for concern. While you’re getting up in your cat’s face, smell their breath and contact your vet in Alexandria, VA if you notice a foul odor.

Schedule your cat’s annual cleaning

Check when your kitty had their most recent feline dental cleaning. If you don’t remember, that means it’s probably time for a visit! Typically, cats should receive professional teeth cleaning once a year. Visible signs that your cat needs dental work requires a checkup every six months.

One common assumption is that some breeds are more susceptible than others to oral disease. There is some truth to this, but at-home dental care and diet are the biggest factors that determine how often your cat needs dental work. Cats require more than a daily brushing, but it certainly reduces the need to visit your vet.

Once your kitty is due for a teeth cleaning, visit Kingstowne Cat Clinic in Alexandria, VA. Our vets will address every concern you have about feline dental hygiene. We’re also fully equipped to offer a wide range of services from annual cleanings to more serious procedures like tooth extraction. Read more to learn how we can restore your kitty’s oral health.

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