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The importance of wellness exams for cats cannot be understated. Even the most mellow, laid-back cats can mask illness and you may not see symptoms until it is too late. For that reason, the best way you can do well by your cat is to stay current with their wellness exams. Here are a few of the biggest benefits of an annual cat exam—even if your furry feline isn’t so thrilled about the appointment.

  • Early illness detection: Cats hide ailments well and some conditions have a higher chance of recovery if a vet detects it early. At Kingstowne Cat Clinic, our wellness exams include bloodwork, a complete physical, and dental exam. We also look for bumps and growths that may need monitoring. Finding any conditions before they become serious gives your cat a health advantage. The general recommendation is one exam a year for younger cats and exams every six months for senior cats.
  • Update your documents: Plans for your cats may require authorizations. If you’re traveling outside of Alexandria, VA with your cat, you’ll need international or domestic health certificates. Groomers and pet sitters often require rabies certificates before they provide care. Your cat’s annual exam is an excellent time to ask for these certificates and have them ready when you need to present them.
  • Update vaccinations: Even if your cat is indoor-only, there’s still a risk they’ll sneak outside. For that reason, it’s important to keep their vaccinations current. If you have indoor/outdoor cats or barn cats, it’s even more important to stay current since they’re vulnerable to several diseases. Usual vaccine regimens include FVRCP, rabies and FELV.
  • Schedule needed dental care: Dental problems are painful and dangerous to your cat. Also, many serious health conditions are discovered through a dental exam. If your cat suffers tooth decay, there’s a chance of infection that could make your cat sick. That’s why many annual exams lead to follow-up dental work and cleaning. Just as you need to see the dentist occasionally, so will your cat.
  • Pain management: Senior kitties often suffer from arthritis. In order to keep them active and healthy, you may need recommendations for pain management and joint supplements. Many supplements come in chews that make cats feel like they’re getting a treat. Other supplements offered by Kingstowne Cat Clinic also help with hairballs and stress. An annual exam is a good time to discuss what supplements may help your cat.
  • Parasite control: Due to the bad publicity involving over-the-counter flea and tick treatments, more cat owners are interested in prescription-only flea, tick, heartworm and other parasite treatments. Many of the options are safer and more effective, which makes them better worth your money. If your cat suffers from parasites, designing an effective flea control plan with your vet will remedy that.

Kingstowne Cat clinic offers feline wellness exams in Alexandria, VA. Now that you know the benefits of wellness exams, now is the time to schedule one. Call us today to make an appointment.

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