Brain Teasers to Mentally Stimulate Your Cat

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Cats are wonderful creatures that are naturally curious, playful and interested in new things. Unfortunately, a lot of people neglect the mental needs of their cats, and instead focus only on providing for a cat’s basic physical needs. While it’s possible to keep a cat healthy while just focusing on those basic needs, it’s important to add extra elements of mental stimulation as part of your pet care if you want your cat to be happy and content. Keep reading to learn how to mentally stimulate your cat in Alexandria, VA.

Pet parents vs. pet owners

Pet owners provide cats with food, water and shelter, while pet parents go the extra mile to ensure that their cats aren’t simply healthy, but also happy and fulfilled. Like humans, cats get bored, they have a desire to explore, and they enjoy being mentally stimulated and challenged. Adding mental stimulation to your cat care regimen is the element that can take you from simply being a pet owner to being a pet parent.

Why does mental stimulation matter?

Mental stimulation requires a commitment of time and energy, and a lot of people with cats wonder whether it’s worth all the extra work. The reality is that cats are capable of a lot, and it’s important to foster their capabilities with games and mentally stimulating activities. Not only are mentally stimulated cats happier and more cognitively healthy, they are also less likely to turn to destructive habits to occupy themselves or fight boredom. Knowing how to mentally stimulate your cat in Alexandria, VA can give you the skills you need to improve your cat’s quality of life and keep it healthy and mentally engaged.

Ways to mentally stimulate your cat

Here are a few of the best games to play with your cat in Alexandria, VA for mental stimulation:

  • Teach your cats tricks: Dogs aren’t the only animals that are capable of learning tricks. In fact, cats can learn many of the basic commands that dogs know, including sit, lay down, stay, shake and roll over. There are lots of videos online that can teach you how to train your cat to do different tricks. Dedicate time each day to teaching your cat tricks and giving rewards for good behavior.
  • Hide your cat’s food bowl: Mealtime can be boring when your cat’s food is in the same place every day. Try hiding your cat’s food bowl in a different place and watch her search for it. This gives cats the opportunity to use their senses and follow their natural instincts to “hunt” for their food.
  • Try puzzle feeders and toys: There are lots of products on the market that are designed to provide mental stimulation to cats. Puzzle feeders, for example, release food when cats press or activate special buttons. Toys are also great for keeping cats engaged and staving off boredom.

Keep your cat healthy

If you want to learn more about how to mentally stimulate your cat in Alexandria, VA, reach out to Kingstowne Cat Clinic. Since 1990, we have been committed to providing the highest quality care for cats. Contact us today to schedule a wellness exam appointment!

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