What Are the Benefits of Catios?

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Far and away, the safest thing you can do for your cat is to keep them in your home. In years past, it was customary to let these capable hunters come and go as they please. That sentiment is changing as more and more homeowners move their feline friends exclusively indoors.

Of course, you can take a cat out of nature, but you can’t take the nature out of the cat. Even when they’re exclusively indoors, you’ll discover that your cats are still drawn to the outside world. They crowd open windows and follow the flight paths of birds. Even an indoor cat wants to go outside.

Fortunately, there is a compromise: it’s called a catio. If you haven’t considered the benefits of a catio in Alexandria, VA, then it’s time to start thinking about it.

What is a catio?

Just as the name implies, a catio is essentially just a patio designed with your cats in mind. These enclosed areas are affixed to an opening in your home—either a window or a custom-made hole—and allow your cats the ability to come and go as they please. A catio offers a selective outdoor experience that affords numerous benefits.

Relieve boredom

The outside world is a thrill ride for your cats. Sure, it’s scary, but it’s also filled with opportunities for fun. That’s one of the reasons your kitty tries so hard to explore the world around them. Installing a catio allows your cats to get a dose of this excitement without putting them (or the local wildlife) in jeopardy.


One of the primary reasons to keep your cat from roaming the local neighborhood is the danger the outside world presents. Maybe it’s a local predator, maybe it’s an unaware driver, maybe it’s an amorous encounter with a feral kitty. The point is that danger is always present. A catio in Alexandria, VA allows your cats to interact with the outside world without running the risks associated with roaming loose.

Give the other cats a break

Anyone who gets chosen by the right cat understands that cat ownership is a slippery slope. That is, when you have one, it’s almost inevitable that you’ll eventually want to add to the pack. And while most cats will find a partner in a new addition to the home, that doesn’t change the fact that cats are solitary creatures by nature. Sometimes they just need a little bit of space. A catio is a great place to hide out when your cat just needs alone time.

Let us work for your cat

Learn more about the benefits of a catio in Alexandria, VA at Kingstowne Cat Clinic. We have 30 years of experience helping cat owners throughout the area. Our goal is to make sure that your kitty is leading the healthiest, happiest life possible, and that’s why our team has dedicated our professional lives to the exclusive study and care of cats.

In addition to veterinary services, we also offer a huge variety of goodies that will keep your kitty purring for years to come. Give us a call today to find out more.

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