Five Ways to Keep Your Indoor Cat Stimulated

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While many cats do enjoy spending time outdoors, it’s generally agreed that indoors is the safer place for our feline friends. If you have an indoor-only cat, it’s extremely important that you provide an adequate amount of mental stimulation to keep your kitty from becoming bored or stressed. Exercise is also a must for indoor cats so they don’t become overweight (or even lazier than some of them already are).

As someone with an indoor cat, you’ve probably searched the internet for easy ways to keep your pet happy, healthy and entertained. We would be happy to provide a few tips. Here’s how you can provide mental stimulation for indoor cats in Alexandria, VA:

  • Schedule playtime: Indoor cats may not be as active as outdoor cats. Outside, cats can run as far as they want, chase bugs and climb trees and fences, all of which are great physical activities. Inside, many cats are limited in terms of space and things to do, which is why playtime is crucial for an indoor cat’s mental health and physical wellbeing. Plan to play with your cat for at least 10 minutes a day, or longer if you have kittens. Get interactive. Use toys to mimic the behavior of common cat prey, such as birds, mice and bugs.
  • Get a good scratching post: Make sure you supply your cat with good scratching posts. Indoor cats use them to exercise, sharpen their claws, de-stress and claim their territory, so not having one is likely to lead to stress and negative behaviors. Choose a scratching post that’s sturdy to prevent wobbling or falling over when the cat uses it. Opt for a tall post so your cat can stretch its entire body and reach up high on the post. Most importantly, only buy scratching posts covered in material that is safe for cat claws.
  • Supply your cat with toys: Get a variety of toys for indoor cats in Alexandria, VA and rotate them into play on a regular basis. The reason you should have a lot of toys to rotate through is because cats get bored easily playing with the same toys all the time. At some point, your cat will start ignoring their favorite toys. Try revitalizing old toys by spraying them with catnip or another scent that your cat approves of.
  • Encourage cats to hunt for food: Another way to mentally stimulate and get your indoor cat active is by encouraging them to hunt for some of their food. Do this by feeding only some food in their bowl, then hiding the rest or placing treats around the house. This is a great idea whether you are home or gone for the day.
  • Build an enclosed outdoor space: Building a catio for your indoor cat is a fantastic idea. It makes going outside safer for your cat, as you can manage the amount of sunlight coming in, keep them away from predators and prevent roaming.

The team at Kingstowne Cat Clinic in Alexandria, VA knows you love your cat. Call us today to schedule a wellness exam or get more tips!

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