Why Cat Teeth Cleaning Is So Important

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Keeping your cat healthy is your responsibility as a pet owner, and part of that includes dental cleanings. Even felines can get dental disease, which is just as painful for them as it is for you. Plus, it requires general anesthesia (what cat will let you fiddle around in their mouth while they’re awake?) and can be costly, which is usually enough to convince cat owners to put it off.

Cat dental health in Alexandria, VA is important, however, which is why Kingstowne Cat Clinic is offering 10 percent off cat dental cleanings during the month of March—be sure to schedule an appointment today.

Here’s why you need to keep your cat’s teeth healthy:

  • Cat dental disease can cause other health problems: Not only is dental disease very painful for cats—who aren’t able to express what’s wrong, only that they’re in pain—but left untreated, it can also move into the bones, lungs and bloodstream. While dental cleanings are pricy, treating your cat for a larger infection is much more expensive. Plus, dental diseases can develop into a whole host of other diseases, including cancer, diabetes and arthritis.
  • Dental disease can contribute to pre-existing issues: If your cat is already struggling with other health issues, untreated dental disease can make it more complicated. Oral infections can make it especially difficult to keep diabetic cats’ blood sugar under control, for example. And since cats are very good at hiding pain, you might not realize something new is wrong until much later.
  • It can solve that bad breath problem: If your cat’s breath smells foul, that’s not a sign that the cat food you bought is turning bad or is especially stinky—it’s actually a sign that your cat has some sort of decay or infection in their mouth. They might breathe salmon-and-tuna-delight fumes into your face right after eating, but if the smell persists long after, that’s a good sign it’s time to call your veterinarian.

At-home dental care

In addition to regular cleanings, you can also attempt to take care of your cat’s oral health yourself. You can buy cat-specific dental health kits, but they may not be receptive to having their teeth touched—ask your veterinarian for tips on how to make that process a little easier for everyone involved.

You can also set them up for good dental health by providing a mixture of wet and dry food, feeding them dental-specific treats and of course having clean and functional chew toys for them to play with.

Finally, be sure to monitor your cat for signs of disease, such as drooling, swelling and loss of appetite.

Schedule a cat dental cleaning in Alexandria, VA

Kingstowne Cat Clinic provides full-service cat dental care, including cleanings, extractions and x-rays. Don’t delay in scheduling an appointment—we’re offering 10 percent off dental cleanings during the month of March! Our highly-trained veterinarians are happy to make sure your cat is comfortable and safe during the procedure so you can rest assured they’re in the best of health.

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