Catios: What They Are and Why You Should Get or Make One

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Your cat more than likely lives the good life, just by virtue of being a cat, but most cats—indoor and outdoor alike—long to be outdoors. Unfortunately, there are many dangers outdoors, from wild animals to passing cars, making some owners hesitant to let their cats out even for a short time. The solution? A catio! It’s a cat-friendly enclosure that your pet can access from a pet door, allowing them to enjoy fresh air, sunshine and outdoor stimulation while still keeping them safe. There are a lot of pre-built options that you can install, but you can also build your own.

Here’s a closer look at some of the biggest catio benefits in Alexandria, VA:

  • You’ll keep your cat safe: First and foremost, when you have a pet, you want to keep them safe—and happy—which might be mutually exclusive if you have an indoor cat who loves to try to get outside.
  • You’ll also protect birds and other cat prey: Cats are hunters by nature, and free-range felines are responsible for over 2 billion bird deaths per year. Plus, as much as it’s nice to get a “gift” from your little friend, it’s not quite as charming when it ends up on your bedroom pillow.
  • Keep them entertained and happy: It can get boring sitting and staring out the window all day, which is why a catio allows for extra stimulation. If it’s big enough, your cat will have a place to play out in the fresh air, but even a little extra lounging space is great.
  • Get the litterbox out of your house: You might be “nose-blind” to it by now, but your litterbox probably smells no matter how frequently you clean it. Putting it out on the catio keeps your indoor spaces odor-free.
  • Cut down on the wild kitten population: You’ve spayed your cat, right? If you haven’t, your outdoor cat could be contributing to the wild kitten population. Kittens who have to fend for themselves outdoors often don’t make it, so cut down on the possibility by building a catio and fixing your pets.
  • Enjoy time with your cat outdoors: Most cats won’t put up with a leash, so a catio can make it possible for you to enjoy time outdoors with your cat—a fun way to bond and keep them happy.
  • Make friends with your neighbors: Finally, if you have an outdoor cat, your neighbors probably aren’t too happy with it using their yard as a litterbox. On the other hand, your neighbors will love you when you install a catio.

In short, catios provide the best of both worlds for you and your cat.

At Kingstowne Cat Clinic, we’re dedicated to your cat’s happiness—whether that means advising you about catio DIY projects in Alexandria, VA, wellness exams, surgery, dental care and more, our team can help. Our staff includes highly-trained veterinarians who are well-qualified to care for your fuzzy friends. Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment.

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