How to Improve Your Cat’s Dental Health

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As the premier cat clinic in the local community, we regularly receive questions about the proper way to care for feline’s teeth. Dental health in cats in Alexandria, VA is just as important as your own dental care. Ignoring the dental needs of your cat can lead to expensive vet visits, treatments and possibly even surgeries. To avoid these unnecessary expenses, read on to learn how easy it is to improve your cat’s dental health.

Teeth brushing

It sounds hilarious, but we’re not kidding—brushing your kitty’s teeth helps remove plaque buildup, similar to the reasons you brush your teeth. Don’t let the challenge of getting your cat comfortable with teeth brushing dissuade you from tackling this necessary step in thorough dental care for cats in Alexandria, VA. This is actually much easier than you might imagine.

Begin by situating your cat in your lap. Put some of the cat’s toothpaste (it’s usually seafood-flavored) on your finger and let your cat smell and lick it. Show your cat the toothbrush, and let them play with or even bite it. Once your cat is comfortable, apply some toothpaste to the brush, open the feline’s mouth and brush for a minute. You’ll want to brush your cat’s teeth at least two to three times per week, as well as taking them to their veterinarian for annual teeth cleanings.

Feed VOHC approved dry food

Both wet and dry foods play an important role in maintaining your cat’s overall health. When selecting the right dry food for your cats, look for options that feature a Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC) seal of approval. That means the food is not only nutritious, but also works wonders at cleaning your cat’s teeth as they chow down. This is one of the easiest ways to manage dental health for cats in Alexandria, VA.

Reward your cat with dental treats

There is a wide selection of dental treats and chews available in a number of flavors that you can feed your cat. Incorporate these treats into your daily routine so your feline friend enjoys the reward while also taking care of their pearly whites.

Mix in dental rinse

Another daily treatment for your cat’s teeth is dental rinse. Available at most pet supply stores, add a small amount of rinse to your cat’s water bowl every morning. This not only helps with plaque, but also kills off bacteria that could cause problems with your kitty’s teeth and gums.

Schedule regular vet visits

Your cat should see a veterinarian at least once per year. This annual exam should include a thorough check of your pet’s teeth. If you’ve taken the steps listed above, your cat’s teeth should be in great condition and require minimal cleaning. If that’s not the case, though, don’t worry! Your vet can make recommendations for improving your cat’s oral health.

When choosing a veterinary clinic, you want one that specializes in dental health in cats in Alexandria, VA. Cats are unique creatures that deserve care from well-trained, experienced vets and vet techs. At Kingstowne Cat Clinic, we offer the highest quality vet services, including dental checkups, cleanings and surgeries. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your kitty.

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