Introducing Your Cat to a New Pet

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Preparing your cat for changes in Alexandria, VA as you welcome a new pet into your home doesn’t have to be hard. After all, this new friend is there to keep them company! Depending on your cat’s personality, it might actually be easier than you think, just as long as you take a few simple precautions. Before long, all your furry friends will be getting along. Here are our top tips for making introductions. If you’ve tried them all and you’re still having trouble facilitating friendships, be sure to stop by Kingstowne Cat Clinic for personalized assistance.

Introducing a new cat

  • Don’t force them to be social: Cats aren’t necessarily social creatures like dogs tend to be. Your cats may never love each other, but if there’s plenty of food and shelter to be had, they’re less likely to feel in competition with each other.
  • Kittens are less threatening: If you have a choice, get a kitten—they’re less threatening to adult cats because they’re still sexually immature. Similarly, a cat of the opposite sex may seem less like competition.
  • Timing is everything: Make your introductions when it’s quiet and calm, without visitors. Cats are creatures of habit.
  • New cat, new smells: Try getting your cats used to each other by petting them both with unwashed hands. Your new cat should be allowed to explore the house to get familiar with its scents as well as those of the other cat.
  • Keep them separated: Carriers, crates or kitten pens are great for allowing the cats to meet without feeling threatened. You might even want to keep the cats in separate rooms for several days (up to a week) to give them time to get used to the fact that there’s a new fuzzball in town.

Introducing a new dog

  • Safety is your top priority: Since cats don’t see dogs as direct competition, introducing them can be easier than introducing cats to each other. However, to keep them both safe, be sure to mix scents and use a crate for those first meetings. This is especially important if your dog is excitable or tends to be aggressive.
  • Take it slow: It may take a while for your cat and dog to get used to each other. Don’t force it, and make sure each pet feels safe. If your dog is especially energetic, you might consider taking them out for a walk first. Work hard to keep things calm, and your pets will eventually warm up to each other—or at least agree on a truce.

Get help from a cat clinic in Alexandria, VA

When you’re preparing your cat for changes in Alexandria, VA, you can trust Kingstowne Cat Clinic to take outstanding care of your fuzzy friends. Kingstowne Cat Clinic is your destination for any and all feline veterinary services. We offer a full range of cat clinic services in Alexandria, VA, from administering checkups to dental care and more. We’d love to help your cat live a happy and healthy life!

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