Why You Should Buy Prescription Pet Food from Your Vet

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There’s been a lot of talk lately regarding whether pet food prescribed by a veterinarian is really worth it. Studies have demonstrated that prescription foods don’t substantially differ in terms of nutrition from those you can simply purchase at the grocery store, and may come at a higher price.

However, the market is now flooded with plenty of imposters, and buying the right food for your cat’s specific health needs is actually not as simple as you might think. That’s why it’s more necessary than ever before to use prescription food that a veterinarian has specifically signed off on. You want to do what’s best for your cat, and that entails purchasing the right food for their wellness.

Taking your furry friend in for a checkup at a cat care clinic in Alexandria, VA is always a smart idea to stay ahead of any health problems. Read on to find out why it’s best to consult with a trusted professional when it comes to your cat’s diet:

  • Scams: The sad reality is that there are plenty of con artists out there in a part of a huge industry that is more than happy to take your money. They won’t provide a product that will help with your cat’s medical condition, and could even be providing harmful “food.” Buying online from sites like Chewy.com might seem okay, but there’s nothing guaranteeing that the food is legit. The same thing goes for medications such as flea, tick and heartworm preventatives. Generic products might put brand names on their labels but then deliver junk medicine. This the main reason why you should stick with what the vet recommends.
  • Vet approved: You trust your veterinarian to provide medication and go to them for advice on everything regarding your pet. Why would you not trust them with your pet’s diet as well? Getting a specific formula is essential to deliver nutrients to your cat that will help him or her live a long and healthy life. It’s simply not worth risking it to save a few bucks.
  • Keeping a healthy weight: One of the most common health problems for cats is becoming overweight. This can lead to everything from digestive issues to skin conditions to liver disease and joint problems. Your veterinarian will prescribe a pet food that’s linked to helping your cat maintain a healthy weight, along with nutritional supplements that support this same goal.

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