Traveling with Your Cat

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Traveling with your cat can be stressful for everyone involved. Many cats hate being in the car or cooped up in a carrier for too long. They react in different ways, some cowering in the back of their carrier, and some crying for long periods of time. Both can make sympathetic owners fret about the mental state of their cat the entire ride. Thankfully, there are several things you can do to ease your cat’s worries (and your own). Check out these tips from a cat kennel in Alexandria, VA:

  • Talk with your vet: Next time you’re in your vet’s office and you know you have a trip coming up, talk with your vet about your cat’s health and her typical reactions to being in a car or carrier for long periods of time. Depending on your cat’s intensity of distress, medication could be an option to help relax them during the trip. They may have some additional tips for your particular pet.
  • Check collars: Make sure your cat is wearing his collar and ID tags before beginning the trip, and that the contact information is correct. Car trips and traveling are risky times for cats to get out, and you’ll want to make sure you increase your chances of keeping your cat safe and sound. It’s a good idea to have him microchipped as well!
  • Pack extra supplies: Making sure you’re not leaving too much time between your cat’s access to food, water and litter box is very important. Pack more than you think you need to avoid running out early, and make sure you’re stopping often enough to give her access to water and the litter box, if she doesn’t have it available in her crate.
  • Cat carrier: Crating your kitty while traveling can actually make things easier on all of you. A cat carrier should be large enough for the cat to move around in, and not so small that he has trouble turning around.
  • Practice: If your furry baby has never been in the car before, try taking short car trips around town to get used to how she reacts while driving, and help her get used to the routine of riding in the car. Once acclimated, she may do better over time.
  • Call hotels: If you’ll be staying in hotels along your way, call to make sure they allow cats before you arrive. Make sure you bring a litter box, food, water and everything else your cat needs to be comfortable overnight.
  • Prepare before leaving: Before you leave, play with your kitty and help her get some exercise before she’ll be cooped up in a carrier. Invite her to drink some water and eat as well as use her litter box. Once you’re prepped, you’re ready to go!

If you’d like a veterinarian’s opinion on your cat before driving off, visit Kingstowne Cat Clinic. We’re a full-service cat kennel in Alexandria, VA, and administer wellness exams, surgery, dental care and more. We’re more than just a vet—we’re strictly a cat vet, dedicated to serving the needs of felines throughout every stage of their lives. Come in for a visit today!

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