Why Is My Cat Limping?

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Is your furry friend having a hard time getting around? You might be unsure if the issue is serious. You’re wondering if you should take your pet to the cat vet in Alexandria, VA.

When in doubt, don’t hesitate to give your cat vet in Alexandria, VA a call. You can also use the following list to learn about common causes of cat limping and what next steps might be appropriate.


Of course, an obvious cause for limping would be an external injury to your cat’s leg or paw. If your cat suffered a fall or had a collision with a vehicle, the cause is probably clear. But the injury may not be so dramatic or obvious. If your cat is limping and you don’t know of any incident, gently examine the limb. If you see no damage and the limp is minimal, keep an eye on it for a day to see if it improves. If your cat suffers from an accident or minimal unexplained limping doesn’t improve, take him to the cat vet in Alexandria, VA as soon as possible.


Just like humans, cats who suffer from arthritis may struggle with mobility. Arthritis can affect cats of all ages and makes it difficult for them to perform everyday tasks. Your cat may reduce her physical activity due to discomfort. Physical exercise and a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids can help with the symptoms of arthritis. Of course, a cat who is in pain won’t want to exercise. Consult with your cat vet in Alexandria, VA to determine the best course of action. Medication may also be part of the solution.

Ingrown Toenails

An ingrown toenail may be hard to detect on your cat, but it is a common cause of limping in felines. Often, arthritis may discourage a cat from using a scratching post, which leads to ingrown toenails. To treat this condition, your cat vet in Alexandria, VA will remove the nail and clean the wound. You may need to give your cat antibiotics and pain medication to help the healing process after the procedure.


Some cancers can cause limping. A tumor located in certain areas can make walking difficult. Your cat vet in Alexandria, VA can perform specific tests to determine whether cancer is present in your cat.


Also known as grass awns, these bristle-like appendages grow on certain types of grasses. If your kitty is an outdoor pet, she may encounter these grass awns. They can penetrate the skin and become lodged in the tissue. Your cat vet in Alexandria, VA can remove the awn by sedating your cat and using general anesthesia.

Keep Your Kitty Happy and Healthy

If your cat is limping, the cause could be minor or major. Either way, it’s important not to ignore symptoms that your cat is in pain. Investigate further, and consult with your cat vet in Alexandria, VA to discover the cause and provide relief for your pet. Contact the expert team at Kingstowne Cat Clinic to get the very best care for your cat.

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