Tips for Keeping Your Indoor Cat Entertained

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They need exercise. They need amusement. They need something to keep them distracted from those electrical cords. How can you keep your indoor cat entertained? Your cat clinic in Alexandria, VA is here to help.

Whether your furry friend is a ball of energy or a lethargic lap cat, use the following tips to keep your indoor kitty happy and healthy:

  • Keep play time interesting: Spend some time playing with your cat each day. Use a variety of toys so your cat has the opportunity to chase, pounce, chew, jump and stalk. Provide options for your cat to continue their play when you’re not around. Be sure to choose cat-friendly items (no strings or bag handles). Mix things up occasionally, so toys seem new. Cardboard boxes work great.
  • Bring the outdoors indoors: Since your cat doesn’t get to explore the outdoors, you can bring a little of that world into their environment. Consider adding a cat tree to your home. These are available in all sizes, from small and simple to floor-to-ceiling creations. These “kitty condos” offer multiple levels for climbing, perching and relaxing. If you place the tree next to a window, your cat will enjoy the height and the great outdoor views.
  • Make windows welcoming: If you’d prefer not to have a full-size cat tree in your living space, another great option is a window perch. Add a padded perch near a sunny window so your cat can take in the view in comfort. This is particularly helpful if your window sills are too small for feline behinds.
  • Try a catio: Humans enjoy patios. They are great for relaxing, enjoying beautiful weather and getting some fresh air. The same is true for cats. If you have the means and space, your cat could get a lot of enjoyment from a catio. This screened porch enclosure lets your cat get outside without the usual risks. Catios can be small enclosures that extend beyond a window, large people-sized spaces or anything in between.
  • Make it soft: Does your cat have a few favorite cuddle spots? Provide a blanket, pet bed, pillow or other inviting place where your cat can curl up for a nap. You might find that your little one is attracted to a particular blanket or comforter. Make this available for your cat to enjoy.
  • Clean house: You may find an occasional crumb on their nose, but cats are generally very neat animals. They like things to be clean. Be sure to scoop your cat’s litter box regularly. If you have more than one cat, this chore will need to be done even more frequently. A clean house is a house that’s ripe for being explored and enjoyed.

Would you like more tips for entertaining and caring for your cat? Your cat clinic in Alexandria, VA is ready to assist you. Kingstowne Cat Clinic is a locally owned, community-focused cat clinic. We specialize in giving your feline friend the care they need. We offer wellness exams, surgery, dentistry, vaccinations and acupuncture. We also provide sedated grooming. Our staff is dedicated to providing quality medical and surgical care for all cats. Contact us today to learn more!

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