How to Safely Trim Your Cat’s Nails

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It’s a task few cat owners enjoy. In fact, many dread it. Trimming a cat’s nails can be stressful for both the pet and the person. It requires knowledge, skill and finesse. Your cat clinic in Alexandria, VA understands the challenges of this chore. That’s why we’re offering the following guide to help you safely trim your cat’s nails. When you know the proper procedure and a few tips to make the process easier, you no longer have to hate this task. You and your kitty can make this a regular part of your routine that neither of you dreads. Try the following tricks to make your next “pet-icure” purrfect:

  • Clippers: Your cat clinic in Alexandria, VA offers pet nail trimmers, but human nail clippers can also work. In fact, for some situations these can prove easier, such as on tiny kitten claws. You might also be more adept with this tool, since you are already familiar with using it.
  • Ally: It can be helpful to make nail trimming a two-person task. Find someone who can hold your furry friend for you while you do the trimming.
  • Treats: Use treats to build up to a nail trim. Give your cat a treat if he allows you near his foot. Then progressively work up to a full nail trim, rewarding along the way. Give him a treat after the nail trim is complete to reward him for being good during clipping.
  • Tricks: Dogs are the ones known for tricks, but cats can do them, too. Train your cat to lay on her back. This position will make trimming her nails much easier. If your cat isn’t good at tricks, a towel works well, too. Wrap your cat gently in a towel, leaving the paw you will be trimming exposed.
  • Rest: You don’t have to trim all four feet in one sitting. Take breaks. Your cat may need to rest between each paw or after just a couple of claws. Don’t try to speed through this task. Allow plenty of time for it and give yourself and your cat the necessary breaks to make it a smooth trimming session.
  • Inflatable cone: Is your cat a biter? To protect yourself and your cat during nail trims, try a donut-shaped inflatable cone. Place this on your cat before you start trimming to prevent biting.
  • Massage: Start your trimming habits by simply massaging your cat’s paws. Reward your pet for permitting this touch. Keep your hand on the paw if your cat tries to pull away, but don’t pinch or pull it. Simply follow your cat’s movement so she doesn’t learn that if she pulls away you will release her. Once she stops fighting, keep your hand in place for another second, then reward her and release her paw.

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Would you like to learn more about trimming your cat’s nails? Contact your cat clinic in Alexandria, VA for additional tips. At Kingstowne Cat Clinic, we specialize in giving your feline friends the care they need. We offer wellness exams, surgery, dentistry, vaccinations and acupuncture. Reach out to our cat experts today!

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