What You Need to Know About Cat Vaccinations in Alexandria, VA

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You love your cat, and judging by the ridiculous number of cat toys, beds and treats in your home and cat photos on your phone, you see your kitty as a member of your family. You want your cat to be healthy, and that means getting them the proper vaccinations. Whether you are first-time cat owner or already have cats in your home, here’s a reminder of how important it is to keep on top of their vet appointments and to not ignore certain vaccines. Here’s a guide to what you need to know about cat vaccinations in Alexandria, VA.

Why your cat needs to be vaccinated

Vaccines are necessary components in the prevention of specific infectious diseases caused by any number of bacteria and viruses. With the right vaccines your cat’s immune system is better able to fight off infection now and in the future. Not vaccinating your cat could lead to illness, possibly even death due to disease, and protects humans from diseases transmitted by cats, such as rabies.

The benefits of vaccinations outweigh the risks

While there is always some risk involved with vaccinating cats, keep in mind that the benefits far outweigh any possible risks. For example, your cat may experience mild reactions after being vaccinated, including lethargy, decreased appetite and fever. These reactions tend to resolve in a shirt time without treatment, but do contact your cat veterinarian should symptoms last more than a couple of days. Serious allergic reaction is rare, but can happen, usually within minutes to hours of vaccination. Call your vet if you notice diarrhea, vomiting, difficulty breathing or facial swelling.

Vaccinations your cat needs

Your cat’s health, age, lifestyle and social interaction with other cats, as well as what diseases are common in your immediate area, will determine which vaccines they will need. Another thing you should find out is your city’s domestic animal vaccination requirements. For instance, the rabies vaccine is required by law in some areas. Also, your vet may recommend certain vaccinations to protect against disease in the areas you visit often or are traveling to. It’s also important that you understand that even if your cat is an indoor cat, he or she will still need certain vaccinations.

Re-vaccination intervals will vary

Because cat re-vaccination intervals may vary from cat to cat and home to home, you need to consult your veterinarian to get a customized vaccination schedule for your cat. For your reference, how often your cat needs to be vaccinated depends on the following: their health, age, lifestyle, social interactions, duration of specific vaccines, likelihood of exposure to possible infections, the level of danger posed by a disease and your local pet licensing regulations.

Here at Kingstowne Cat Clinic, we take cat health very seriously. Our full-service, on-site laboratory enables our team to administer a range of important cat vaccinations in Alexandria, VA at all life stages. Call us for more information about our cat wellness services, or to schedule an appointment with a cat vet today!

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