Client Yearly Update Form

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    Kingstowne Cat Clinic

    VIRGINIA VETERINARY DISCLOSURE FORM (code of Virginia 54.1-3806.0)
    Please Read Carefully Before Signing

    Kingstowne Cat Clinic has business and medical staffing hours as follows:

    1. Monday-Friday 8am-6pm
    2. Weekends and Holidays: Closed

    Therefore, this is to inform you that we have no in-house, on duty continuous medical staff care on:
    a) Weekdays from Closing time until the following business day at 8:00 am.
    b) Weekends from Closing time on Friday until 8:00 am on the following Monday.
    c) Holidays from Closing time before the Holiday until the opening time the following business day after the Holiday.

    Kingstowne Cat Clinic strives to provide the best possible care. Recently we have had an increase of No Show/No Call/last minute cancellation appointments. When this happens, it means another possibly sick patient couldn't be seen at that time. To minimize this from happening we are implementing the following policies:

    1. We will now require a $65.00 deposit to reschedule/schedule any client that has had a previous No Show/No Call appointment.
    2. If you do not make it to your scheduled appointment, there will be a No-Show/Last minute cancellation Fee of $65.00.
    4. For New Clients, we will require a $105.00 deposit to go toward your first visit. If you do not make your scheduled appointment, the deposit will be charged as your Missed Appointment Fee.

    I have read this form, and I am fully aware of the above hospital staffing hours and polices

    If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to our Hospital Manager, Jackie.

    If you have any questi ons or concerns, please reach out to our Hospital Manager, Jackie.