The Importance of Feline Hydration

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When it comes to making sure that their beloved felines in Alexandria, VA are getting the best diet possible, cat owners should be sure to pay special attention to the amount of water their cat receives. Often, cat owners can unintentionally give their cats a diet that is low in moisture because they operate under the impression that their feline is drinking plenty of water from their dish or fountain.

That may not be the case, which means your cat isn’t getting enough water while also consuming a dry food diet that is too high in plant-based protein and carbohydrates and too low in water content. That’s just the beginning of the issues that can arise when you’re not confident that you’re getting the most water possible into your cat’s diet.

The problem with dry food

Feeding your cat a diet based solely on dry food can lead to long-term health problems. A lack of hydration in a cat’s diet can promote the development of diabetes, kidney disease, bowel problems, excessive hairballs, obesity, dental problems and so much more.

Even worse, dry food acts as a magnet for hair, dust and even minute bacteria that land on the surface and set up shop. In short, with a dry-food diet, you could be exposing your cats to unwanted diseases.

Switch to wet food

An increasing number of veterinarians recommend transitioning cats to a diet based on water-rich food in Alexandria, VA. Most wet foods are higher in the animal-based proteins that felines require to lead healthy, active lives. Even better, you can leave wet food out on the counter for long periods of time without worrying about microbial infestations.

When you make the switch, most cats will gladly swap out their crunchy kibble for the gooey deliciousness of canned food. If you have some reluctant cats, here are some tips to make the transition less painful:

  • Stop leaving dry food out on the counter: This will remove kibble as an option when your stubborn kitties get hungry. That said, if your cat doesn’t try the canned food within 24 hours, put the dry food back out.
  • Set a regular feeding schedule: Cats like to eat eight small meals a day in the wild, so try to establish three or four feeding times throughout the day.
  • Bribe them: A bit of cooked chicken or turkey or some cheese placed on top of canned food could be just the push a reluctant cat needs to make the healthy choice.

If you need more tips, your local vet can help make the transition to a healthier diet as smooth as possible.

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