How Catios Enrich Your Cat’s Life

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Does your cat love sitting in the open window? Does your furry friend desire to explore the outdoors? Most cats naturally want to venture outside, but giving them free rein poses multiple hazards to their health and safety. How can you give them the outdoor experience they desire and keep them safe at the same time? A catio is the “purrfect” solution. Here’s the scoop from your cat clinic in Alexandria, VA.

What is a catio?

Catios are cat enclosures, or “cat patios,” for your patio, porch, deck, window or yard. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your space and needs. Your cat can access the catio through a cat door in a door, window or wall. The enclosure can be simple and small or complex and spacious.

How can I create a catio?

Catios can be made with DIY kits, created with your own design, built for you by a carpenter or installed by a catio service.

What are the benefits of a catio?

Catios offer many benefits for you and your cat. They keep your pet safe and give you peace of mind. Their top benefits include:

  • Protection: An outdoor cat is in danger of suffering injury from vehicles and predators. They may also encounter poisonous substances such as pesticides or antifreeze. There is also a chance of getting lost, chased up a tree or trapped somewhere. A catio allows your cat to enjoy the outdoors while eliminating these dangers.
  • Savings: Vet bills can add up quickly. A cat that roams outdoors is more likely to suffer injury or contract a disease. Treatment for viruses, rabies or other issues becomes necessary. A catio helps reduce these extra vet bills and saves your cat from the suffering involved.
  • Wildlife safety: Has your cat ever brought you a “present”? Cats naturally kill birds when they are put in the same environment. A catio allows your cat to get outside, but it keeps the neighborhood wildlife safe from their claws and jaws.
  • Solitude: If you have multiple cats in the home, they may occasionally desire time away from each other. A catio adds more territory and options for stimulation, which can prevent cat fights in the home.
  • Odor reduction: Have you ever wished you could keep the litter box outside? Now you can! A catio is the ideal spot for a litter box. If you have multiple cats, this is particularly beneficial, as you can greatly reduce the waste in your home with an extra outdoor box.
  • Enjoyment: Catios offer daily enrichment for your cat. Rather than spend hours in the windowsill longing to get a little more fresh air and sunshine, they can actually get outside. The catio gives them the freedom to exercise, bird-watch and enjoy the outdoors, all while remaining safely enclosed in their catio. These spaces can be built large enough to accommodate a human, so you and your cat can even enjoy the outdoors together!

Find Out More

Would you like to find out more about catios and how to enrich your cat’s life? Contact the experts at your cat clinic in Alexandria, VA. The professionals at Kingstowne Cat Clinic are available to answer any questions you have and help you keep your whiskered one healthy, happy and safe.

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