August 15, 2016

"Kingstowne Cat Clinic is the best place around to take your feline or felines. Because I was new to the area, the rescue that I adopted my first kitty from recommended them. All of the vets who have seen my kitties (I had three and recently lost one due to lymphoma) have been wonderful. The only vet who has not treated my kitties is Dr. Gulledge, but she performed the autopsy on my late and beloved kitty "brother" Jackson and was very good about talking to me about her visual findings during the autopsy. Dr. Chang and Dr. Mosoriak are the two vets who have primarily treated my kitties. Dr. Chang was the vet my Jackson saw most often as he started to deteriorate during his last two months from what the autopsy confirmed was, in fact, lymphoma. The practice also has a lot of experience in treating kitties with chronic kidney disease, and has even run research studies through the clinic for cats who exhibited secondary high blood pressure in conjunction with the chronic kidney disease. With their expertise, Jackson's kidney values and quality-of-life remained stable for over two years after we began treating him with sub-Q fluids for the CKD. In fact, his kidney values were stable until the end--lymphoma is what took him from me. Dr. Chang spent a lot of her own time discussing his blood test results with me, talking to specialists when Jackson's labs were confusing, calling pharmacies for me when Jackson needed a very expensive medication and we were trying to figure out the pharmacy with the best price, and finally, giving me compassionate medical advice when I had to make the decision to help Jackson cross the rainbow bridge. She also sat down with me and reviewed the pathology report from the organ samples from Jackson's autopsy, which confirmed our gut feeling--that the test from about 2 months prior was a false negative and that my poor Jackson had lymphoma. When the vets are available, they also offer in-home euthanasia, which has the provided benefit of allowing the owner to not have to take an already sick kitty to the vet's office to cross the rainbow bridge, be in a place that is comfortable to both the kitty and owner when the kitty passes, and hold their kitty in his or her arms as the kitty passes peacefully. Dr. Boos was very compassionate and understanding, especially given my husband's and my emotional state (Jackson was the first kitty we ever had to help cross the rainbow bridge, and was a family pet who had been in my life for over half of my life and who we rehomed with us approximately 3 years before). She was very good at explaining the process before beginning, which was very helpful to me as a person who tries to "plan" or be "prepared" for everything as much as possible. I know that I'll definitely be trusting them to care my kitties Daisy and Max, and any future kitty or kitties, for as long as we live in this area."
August 12, 2016

"I am forever greatful to Dr. Boos and for her expertise and compassion during the darkest times when my lovey deterioated due to FIP. Dr. Mosoriak helped me out with much needed prescription for an experimental drug for my baby. Dr. Chang took the time out of her busy schedule to answer all my questions and address all my concerns. These are truly the vets who have integrity and compassion for the furry babies, as well as their humans. The techs are amazing as well-- compassionate, caring, sincere. I couldnt have wished for a better care for my baby. Thank you, Dr. Boos for everything you've done. When and if I have new kitty, this is the only place i trust."
August 1, 2016

"Staff is nice and frendly. After taking my cats here a few times. I like how the call and want to check on how the cats are doing or felling after being on any medication or surgery."
June 28, 2016

"We have taken our cats here since 2000 and highly recommend it. The veterinary staff has been stable for many years, so they really know our cats and their history. Drs. Gulledge, Boos and Mosoriak are extremely caring and persistent at diagnosing and treating problems. The advantage of an all-cats practice is that it is much less stressful for felines to be in a waiting room without barking dogs. We had two older felines who were survived until 18 and nearly 20 under the patient care of this practice and we now have 2 year old and 8 year old cats under their care. We hope KCC will be around a long time!"
March 24, 2016

"I have been taking my cats to this clinic for nearly 21 years now and I cannot recommend them highly enough. Dr. Boos and Dr. Gulledge are simply the most caring, compassionate, and well-versed vets I've ever encountered. I am just getting to know Dr.'s Mosoriak and Chang as they are newer to the practice; but, I have no doubt that they too will be exactly the kind of vets with whom I will trust the lives and well-being of my companions. I currently have 5 rescue cats but have had more over the years who were cared for so well by these doctors. My cats have always been indoor cats and thankfully usually live to very old age. I've gone through cancer, kidney failure, and thyroid disease with various ones and I always knew I could trust what these doctors and vet techs told me. Speaking of vet techs, they and the support staff are also wonderful people who will take the time to answer your questions. Everyone here clearly demonstrates their love of cats. You won't be sorry if you bring your cats to Kingstowne Cat Clinic!"
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