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New Online Services!

Dear [client_firstname],

Here at [pat_office_name] our goal is to provide you and your furry family member with quality care and services.  In order to serve you more efficiently we have upgraded our online services to include:

* Access to your Pet Portal

* Mobile access through the MyPetsWellness app

Pet Portal:

The online pet portal allows you to have quick and easy access to see upcoming appointments, upcoming reminders and lets you request refills for prescriptions. 

If you would like to receive SMS (TEXT) messages regarding important health reminders about your pet(s) please access your pets’ records and opt in SMS (TEXT) message by clicking the link below. 

To access your record online or schedule an appointment online [link_appointment_request].

You can use the following credentials to log in:

User ID: [client_email]

Password: [client_password]

For access anytime, we have added the pet portal option to our website to access [pat_office_website].

MyPetsWellness Mobile App:

MyPetsWellness, is now available in the App Store for iOS devices, or online for Android devices. The app gives you access to all of your vital pet health information at any time, from anywhere.  You will be able to see each pet’s upcoming appointments, vaccine reminders, and prescriptions. You can request boarding for your pet, or request to refill a prescription. In addition, you can upload your favorite pet photos.

To view the iOS version of the app, click here.  

To view the Android version of the app, click here

Or, from the App Store, simply search “MyPetsWellness” and you should find it.

The username and password for the MyPetsWellness app is the same one you use for your online pet portal.

We look forward to providing quality care for your cats. If you have any questions, please email us at [pat_office_email].