How to Reduce Your Cat’s Stress During Boarding

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So, you’re planning some time away. You’ll be leaving your furry little friend behind, and you plan to take advantage of cat boarding in Alexandria, VA to watch over your whiskered pal. For some cats, this can be a stressful experience.

Fortunately, there are steps cat owners can take to reduce the amount of stress their pets experience while boarded. Use the following tips to make your cat’s next stay their best stay.

Make the Surroundings Familiar

Removing your cat from its usual surroundings may be stressful for the animal. All-new smells, sounds and spaces can be overwhelming. To reduce the stress of the new environment, give them something familiar. Bring along a favorite toy, bedding from home or a treat they love. Provide these for the boarding facility to use for your cat during his or her stay. You may even want to leave an article of your own clothing for the cat to curl up with while you are away. This little touch of home can make your little one feel more secure during their boarding stay.

Communicate Clearly with the Boarders

Don’t be shy about conveying your cat’s needs to the boarding facility. You know your cat best, so let them know about your pet’s regular habits, favorite foods and what he or she likes and dislikes. If you always feed your cat at a certain time, communicate this with the boarders so similar patterns can be established if possible. If your cat has a phobia of feather toys, let boarders know this. Open and honest communication will help make your cat’s time at the facility as enjoyable as possible.

Do a Trial Run

Are you planning to be out of town for a lengthy period of time? You might want to consider trying a short practice stay first. Try cat boarding in Alexandria, VA for just one night and see how your pet does at the facility. You can learn from the experience, and your cat will be more familiar with the surroundings when you leave for your longer trip.

Choose the Right Facility

Of course, the most important element of cat boarding in Alexandria, VA is to choose a facility that knows how to reduce stress for your cat. Look for a boarding facility that offers cat-friendly features, such as a view of the outside, fun hiding places, resting boards and toys.

Additionally, the facility’s cat kennels should be spacious enough to provide separate areas for your pet’s food, litter box and sleeping areas. The kennel should also be in an area separate from dog kennels and away from the main traffic of the building. Furthermore, your cat should ideally not be able to see other cats from his or her cage. Providing this cat-friendly territory will greatly reduce the stress your pet experiences during cat boarding in Alexandria, VA.

Create the Purrfect Stay

When you need to entrust your favorite four-legged friend to someone else’s care, use these tips to keep their stress level low. If you’d like additional tips on cat boarding in Alexandria, VA, look to the experienced professionals at Kingstowne Cat Clinic. Reach out to our friendly staff today with any questions!

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